Essential oils

Scents and the Psyche

Essential oils are known to be very powerful in healing physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances. The effects of the essential oils on the psyche is now also shown in a growing amount of clinical research. First, scents have a profound capacity to invoke vivid memories and emotions. These can be both pleasant and unpleasant, as these memories are very personal. Second, and less immediate, are the effects due to the release of neurochemicals. They can range from increased focus and…

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Six Essential That Help When Feeling Anxious

Many people today are coping with depression, globally more than 300 million people are affected [1]. Other mental issues people suffer from are general anxiety, panic disorders or phobias. Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental disorders and are associated with immense health care costs and a high burden of disease. According to large population-based surveys, up to 33.7% of the population are affected by an anxiety disorder during their lifetime [2]. Needless to say, there is a pressing need…

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Natural medicine

Plant Consciousness 2015, London

Bringing together the values of plant neurobiology, permaculture, deep-ecology, eco-psychology, sacred plant medicine, shamanism and herbalism. When I decided to join the Plant Consciousness event in London, I was still enjoying the traveling life in Peru. As I had slowed down to become more sensitive to the subtle life of nature, I was excited about these topics of consciousness, quantum physics, the amazing intelligence of the plant world and teacher plants such as Iboga and Ayahuasca. Plant Consciousness, set in…

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