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Inge Kuijper

In aromatherapy, I have found a way to combine my love for nature and people. It’s fascinating to me how the plant world offers us remedies for the wide range of our physical and emotional needs. I believe a healthy body and mind can best be achieved through a holistic approach. And I hope that through the beauty of botanical medicine all of us remember our soul connection to the plant world and our role as stewards of this beautiful living earth.

In 2014 I left my life in London to explore a life more connected to nature in Europe and Latin America. As I slowed down and went through a process of self healing I found a more simple, healthy and nature connected life. Upon my return in London I started to learn more about natural remedies such as flower essences and essential oils, and the intelligence and energetics of plants. Here’s where I found the essential oils, and in 2018 I decided to complete my professional aromatherapy diploma course with the IFA. I continue to learn about botanical medicine, but also ecovillage living, permaculture and ecosystem restoration. And I look forward to share what I am learning with you!


Professional Aromatherapy Diploma Course
International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA)
January – December, 2018


Essential Oils & Healing Touch Immersion
Two week immersion training, School of Natural Medicine, UK,
5-9 September & 7-11 November, 2016

Quantum Botanicals & Flower Essences Immersion
Two week immersion training. School of Natural Medicine, UK,
20 June – 1 July, 2016

Conferences & Workshops

Botanica 2018, celebrating herbs and clinical aromatherapy
Three day conference, University of Sussex, Brighton, Aug 31 – September 3rd, 2018

The heart healing power of the rose
Workshop, Sandra Marie Humby (UK)
, September 4th, 2018

Fundamental Chemistry of Essential Oils
Masterclass by Dr Joy, Tisserand Institute, 2018

Anxiety: naturopathic and TCM aromatic therapeutics

Workshop, Timothy Miller (USA) & Gabriel Mojay (UK)

Biochemical aromatherapy
Workshop Josie Donaldson (Morpeth, UK), 8 December, 2018
Biochemical aromatherapy describe show essential oils affect the brain and then the symptoms we experience and the moods we have.

Indian Head Massage Diploma Course
Gateway Workshops, London

Food, our forgotten brain medicine
Lecture, Rineke Dijkinga, 17 November, 2018

Introduction to Raw Food

Two day wellbeing immersion, Wild Food Cafe, London, 7-8 June, 2014

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    Inge Kuijper

    I wish to see a world in which people find health, wellbeing, and happiness through a loving relationship with nature.